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New Facebook Live Q&A: Tuesday, September 19

For new and returning students: Our panel of experts will be back to field more questions and help you get ready for fall quarter. 

Date: Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017

Time: 6 p.m.-7 p.m.  (sign in with your Facebook account)

Bring us your questions about admissions, financial aid, enrollment procedures, student services, campus life and other subjects related to attending De Anza.

  Barry Johnson    Nubia Sanchez    Erick Aragon

Barry Johnson

Admissions and Records

 Nubia Sanchez

School Relations Specialist

 Erick Aragon

Counselor, Office of Outreach



Headline: Facebook Live Q&A for New Students and Parents

Missed our Facebook Live Q&A session on May 22? You can still watch the video here ...
A panel of Outreach and Admissions experts from De Anza College answered questions on Facebook from prospective students who wanted to know more about the college. 
If they didn't answer all your questions, you can always send an email to

And don't forget to check out our video: "The Whole College Experience"

[Video can be played in full screen on YouTube:] 


Building: Seminar (SEM 3)
Contact: Outreach
Phone: 408.864.8327

Last Updated: 9/15/17