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EOPS Book Services

  • met minimum program participation requirements.
  • no more than one "no-show" for counseling/academic appointments.
  • returned any books for classes dropped in the previous quarter, either to the college bookstore or to EOPS.
  • returned or renewed any textbook or calculator borrowed in the previous quarter.
  • completed the registration check process.
  • registered for twelve or more units (funds will be held until student is enrolled in 12+ units).
  • Considerations for book funds will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students on extended probation will not receive book funds.
  • Book funds are valid through the 3rd Monday of the quarter.
  • TEXTBOOKS ONLY. No duplicate textbook purchases.
  • No cash back for unused amount.
  • No cash refunds on books purchased with EOPS funds.
  • All purchases are subject to DAC Bookstore policies.
  • Books purchased are for classes enrolled in the current quarter at De Anza College.
  • Books must be returned to the Bookstore for any class dropped by the 3rd Monday of the quarter.
  • Books must be returned to EOPS for any class dropped AFTER the 3rd Monday of the quarter. .
  • Shop EARLY to get the best selection of USED textbooks.
  • Make a list of required texts using the DAC Bookstore web site. Decide which books you should purchase with your EOPS funds or Financial Aid funds, rent with your EOPS or EOPS DASB funds, or borrow from EOPS, DAC Library or public library.
  • Take advantage of the EOPS Shopping Days and other specials offered at the DAC Bookstore.
  • Your EOPS Book Funds can be used to rent textbooks at the DAC Bookstore.
  • DASB/EOPS rental funds are usually available each quarter on a limited basis. An email will be sent out informing you of availability. DASB/EOPS rental funds are first-come, first-serve.
  • ALL RENTALS must be returned to the DAC Bookstore, NOT EOPS!
  • Remember to follow your DAC Book Rental Agreement.
  • EOPS has a limited number of textbooks and graphing calculators available to loan.
  • Contracts are for one quarter and can be renewed for the next quarter.
  • Please return items - we want to make them available for students who need them after you.
  • Not returning loaned items will result in a HOLD placed on your DAC student file.

Be mindful of where your textbooks and personal items are. Do not leave them unattended, even in the library or classroom. Do not leave them visible in your car; lock them in your trunk. Think of each item like a $100 bill and put it out of sight!

All EOPS Book Fund purchases are audited each quarter. Any violations of the terms and conditions will result in disqualification from receiving future book funds.


Location: Campus Center, Lower Level

Phone: 408.864.8950



Last Updated: 9/21/15