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De Anza Associated Student Body

Meeting Time: Fridays at 2:30pm 
Meeting Place: Senate Office (Lower Hinson Campus Center)

Chair of Environmental Sustainability

Hello De Anza students, faculty and staff. My name is Chi Tran, current Chair of the DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee for the term 2016-2017.

In the past years the DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee has been moving forward to help solve the climate, environmental and energy crises that our planet is currently facing, and that inevitably affects our community and our campus.

Our achievements and innovations, the Eco-Pass or the DASB Bicycle Program, for example, are measures that have contributed to reduce De Anza's carbon dioxide footprint by providing alternative means of transportation to every De Anza student.

Our goals for this year are

- Eco Fund Project:
which funds students who have environmental / sustainable innovations that benefits our campus

- Sustainability Guideline:
bring awareness of our students about environmental / sustainable activities on campus and how students themselves can practice an eco-friendly lifestyle

- Gardening & Farming:
provide a practical learning experience in gardening and crop rotation, as well as, help hunger on campus with food resources that is grown by De Anza students


The DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee consists of the following voting members:

Vice Chair: Dara Streit

Senators: Desiree H

InternsAndrew S, Asad K, Curtis L, Dionysius H, Putra W, Stephan K, Stephanie D, Pepper N

And the following ex-official members:

  • Advisor - John Cognetta

Meeting Agenda: Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center.

Meeting Minutes: Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center.

Coming Soon Online Agendas and Minutes

DASB Environmental Sustainability Code

DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee
Building: Hinson Campus Center, Lower Level
Phone: 408.864.5432 x3746

Last Updated: 10/27/16